Get Direct Shipping From Germany to Nigeria

The procedures for direct shipment from Germany to Nigeria are as follow:  1. First of all, initiate a conversation with Oceancrypto via any of our numerous interacting platforms. 2. Get our Germany warehouse / Shipping address, where your supplier can send your shipment to for onward shipping to Nigeria. Oceancrypto does pick up from any […]

11 Benefits of Cargo Insurance for Your Business

Insurance is a means of indemnity against a future occurrence of an uncertain event. For shipping insurance, it covers transits carried out in water, air, road, rail, registered post parcel and courier. Cargo insurance explicitly provides extensive protection against damage or loss due to external factors including: damages due to inappropriate packing, infestation, cargo abandonment, […]

Shipping Weight Calculation

Shipping is the basic means of sending and receiving items of any kind either across the sea, air or land. This makes it a substantial endeavor for easy mobility of goods as the duo of import and export respectively. As important as it is so the knowledge of weight calculation is to avoid confusion in […]

USA Air Consolidation to Nigeria Redefined

United States of America is home to many businesses and a commercial hub for international marketing and transactions in which Nigeria is not left out of the circle. For easy shipment of goods, cargo consolidation has become a trend since it is cheap, faster and hassle-free. Cargo consolidation is the bringing together of different cargo […]

Monjasa Supplies First VLSFO Ahead of IMO 2020

Danish bunker company Monjasa has completed its first ship-to-ship supply of the new very low sulfur fuel oil ahead of the upcoming IMO 2020 regulations. The operation was completed in Southampton, the UK, and included the transfer of VLSFO and MGO with a maximum 0.5% sulfur content. Monjasa-operated tanker Vinga Safir, which provides bunker services […]